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Our data translation system is 100% accurate. In cases where manual work is required, our accuracy rate is 99,997%.


Cost reduction

Manual processing of your invoices and purchase orders sent by email or fax can cost you 30$ each. Our solutions allow you to lower these fees considerably.


Satisfied partners

With over 75 large businesses as our customers, we have over 2000 satisfied partners. Understand why by reading our case studies.

What our customers are saying

Metro EDI

Metro requires all of their suppliers to be EDI-compliant. However, forcing these suppliers to implement EDI standards and the necessary software proved impossible. Many of the smaller suppliers were unable or unwilling to make the required investments in hardware, software, monthly VAN charges and the personnel needed to run it all. Many of these smaller suppliers run their operations the old fashioned way, paper-based.

With the help of Faxinating Solutions, Metro has implemented a 100% EDI-compliant system without having to force their suppliers to adopt EDI.

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Loblaws is one of Canada's largest retail grocery chains. For over seven years, Faxinating Solutions has been providing Loblaws with a number of data integration and translation services. These services enable Loblaws to maintain 100% EDI-compliancy with their suppliers, many of whom do not even have a computer.

The combination of Faxinating's exAct® and EDI2FAX services enable Loblaws to send out EDI purchase orders, sales forecasts and error reports to their non-EDI suppliers and receive invoices in EDI format from these same suppliers.

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Allflex, a Texas-based company, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of livestock identification systems in the world. Faxinating Solutions has been providing data integration services to Allflex for over five years.

Initially when Allflex approached Faxinating Solutions, they had a lack of integration between their GP ERP accounting package and their EDI-compliant trading partners.

Since most of Allflex's buyers are EDI-compliant, they need to support the receipt of EDI Purchase Orders within their system. However, they weren't sure if they wanted to host their own EDI system inhouse. They knew that supporting EDI was problematic (standards constantly changing, the hardware and software requirements, software bugs, VAN costs) so they decided to outsource it to a third-party.

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CDMV is a Quebec-based distributor of veterinary products. As a distributor, they order products from a number of pharmaceutical/healthcare manufacturers. Most of these suppliers are EDI-compliant, and so require that their customers use EDI to order product. CDMV did not have an EDI system in house, so they turned to Faxinating.

CDMV could only supply Faxinating with a printed purchase order direct from their accounting system. However, this setup was sufficient for the FS Printegrator service.

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Before they came to FSI, they had several people handling their accounts payable from March to September. Finding staff that can handle the stress and work full time for only 4 months is not easy.

Well, the owners of Boutiques Progolf would rather be golfing than supervising a lot of employees. So, they turned to FSI and their solution helped BPG reduce their accounts payable staff to one person.

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  • Faxinating Solutions gave us a simple method to reduce data errors that come with manual data entry of sales orders we receive from customers and sales brokers that either do not have the resources to implement direct EDI or do not sustain a consistent volume to justify investing in EDI development.

    Mark Wall

    Lindt & Sprungli USA

  • Their solution is not only simple and easy to use but is also cost efficient. The turnaround time for them to put into place a solution to any of my technical problems is not measured in days but in hours.
  • Companies who can't justify the cost of purchasing EDI translators will find Faxinating Solutions Inc. to be an excellent alternative to making a large investment.

    Serge Viau, Manager EDI Systems

    Metro Richelieu / A&P / Super-C