Allflex reached out to Faxinating Solutions because they had a lack of integration between their ERP accounting package and their EDI-compliant trading partners.

Since most of Allflex’s buyers are EDI-compliant, they need to support the reception of EDI Purchase Orders within their system. However, they weren’t sure if they wanted to host their own EDI system in-house. They knew that supporting EDI could be problematic (standards constantly changing, the hardware and software requirements, software bugs, VAN costs) so they decided to outsource to a third-party.

EDI Outsourcing Service

Allflex’s main requirement was to receive EDI orders in their Peachtree accounting system without having to make any investments in EDI. Faxinating’s EDI outsourcing service helped them achieve their goal.

EDI compliant buyers create purchase orders and send them to Faxinating via EDI. Once received, Faxinating logs the data and converts it into a Peachtree import file. The file is sent to Allflex, who is now able to import purchase orders into Peachtree with a simple click of the mouse.

Furthermore, each buyer is able to implement their own version of the EDI standard, whether it’s 3040, 4010 or 4030. Flexibility is the key to this service.

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AllFlex has an EDI-compliant interface that ties into their back-end without having to invest in EDI. If EDI standards change, they needn’t worry. They will continue to receive their import files in the same format. Their data is synchronized, correct and complete, all at a very low cost.

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