EDI 210 : Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice

The EDI 210 transaction is used by commercial truckers and transport companies. It replaces the paper invoice.

This transaction is sent from the carrier to the sender to pay the delivery charges. The EDI 210 is usually sent for each delivery. It provides details on each of the charges in addition to the information that you would normally find on an invoice:
  • Date and invoice number
  • Name and billing address
  • Order details, including the number of items, quantity and weight
  • Delivery methods and description
  • Name of the sender and contact information
  • Terms of payment
  • Delivery information, including proof of delivery tracking number, etc..
After an EDI 210 has been received, a EDI 997 : Functional Acknowledgment is sent back to the transport provider to indicate that the transaction 210 was successfully received.
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How do I send an EDI 210 transaction?

Faxinating Solutions can help you quickly integrate a low cost solution to process EDI 210 transactions.

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