EDI 270 – Eligibility, Coverage, or Benefit Inquiry

This transaction is used to send a request for information about the coverage of an insurance policy, normally in connection with a particular plan subscriber.

It is usually sent by medical service providers, such as hospitals and medical facilities, and sent to insurance companies, government agencies, and other organizations that need information about these insurance policies. This document is also used to describe how the services are covered for certain patients, including co-payments and co-insurance. Information on the EDI 270 generally includes:
  • Details about the sender;
  • Name of the recipient ;
  • Details on the plan subscriber;
  • Details on the eligibility of the beneficiary.
We have the tools that you need to process the EDI 270 transaction and make your company EDI compliant, regardless of your data source.

How do I send an EDI 270 transaction?

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