EDI 812 : Debit/Credit Adjustment or Detailed Credit Note

The EDI 812 is used to communicate an improvement to the charges for products or services. It is similar of a paper credit or debit memo.

This transaction may be used by a seller to inform its customer of an increase or decrease in the amount the customer is being charged, relative to a previously transmitted Invoice (810) or previously received Purchase Order (850). A buyer can use the 812 to request an adjustment from a supplier. This transaction does not address the details of returns, only the accounting effects as a result of the return. The EDI 180 transaction Return Merchandise Authorization/Notification transaction is used to request or authorize returns.The reasons for use 812 may include:
  • Item was defective
  • Product ordered was not received
  • Goods were or are being returned
  • Actual quantity delivered was greater or less than that ordered
  • There was an error in the pricing of the item in the original PO or invoice
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How do I send an EDI 812 transaction?

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