EDI 820 : Payment Order/Remittance Advice

An EDI 820 transaction is a exchange payment information between you and your business partners.The EDI 820 transaction is most often used jointly with an electronic payment such as a wire transfer or ACH.

  • It can be sent to your bank to order a payment be made to a payee;
  • It can be used to tell your business partner informing them of the details of a pending balance;
  • It can be used in the insurance business to transmit information on premium payments.
The information included in the transaction are the payer and the payee identification, the bank account id, the referring invoice number and billed and paid amounts.
Faxinating Solutions can help you integrate a quick, effective and low cost EDI solution that will adapt to your needs and allow you to process EDI 820 transactions, whether the source of the information comes from a physical document, excel file, your accounting software or any other file format.

How do I send an EDI 820 transaction?

Faxinating Solutions can help you quickly integrate a low cost solution to process EDI 820 transactions.

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