EDI 834 : Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance

The EDI 834 transaction represents a Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance document. It is used by employers, such as trade unions or government agencies to enroll members in a medical insurance plan. It also includes profit, membership plans and the employee's location.

The 834 transaction can be used for the following functions related to medical plans:
  • New membership
  • Changes in the membership of a member
  • Membership renewal
  • Membership cancellation
The information is typically sent by the employer to the organization in charge of the payments of insurance claims, the insurance company or by the beneficiary directly. A typical 834 document should contain the following information:
  • The name of the member
  • The member's plan
  • The information on the eligibility of the participant
  • The product or service identification
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How do I send an EDI 834 transaction?

Faxinating Solutions can help you quickly integrate a low cost solution to process EDI 834 transactions.

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