EDI 856 : Ship Notice/Manifest

An EDI 856 transaction is used to inform your trading partners about the contents of a shipment. It is the equivalent of a printed packing slip. It also informs the buyer that the goods have been shipped, how they are packaged and when to expect the shipment.

An EDI 856 transaction is often followed by an EDI 810 transaction (invoice) An EDI 856 contains the following elements :
  • Tracking number and carrier information
  • Purchase order number
  • Line items and how they are packaged
  • UCC128 Bar codes printed on each carton
The buyer usually dictates the requirements of the EDI 856 document. It can be difficult and time consuming to implement the requirements of each of your trading partners. Faxinating Solutions can help you integrate a quick, effective and low cost EDI solution that will adapt to your needs and allow you to process EDI 856 data to all your trading partners without worrying about specification, whether the source of the information comes from a physical document, excel file, your accounting software or any file format.

How do I send an EDI 856 transaction?

Faxinating Solutions can help you quickly integrate a low cost solution to process EDI 856 transactions.

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