EDI 864 : Administrative Report

The EDI 864 administrative report is an electronic equivalent of a Text Message. This transaction is designed to provide electronic communications for people, rather than computer processing.

This transaction is a very flexible transaction with is free-form text format. This allows companies to use it for a variety of purposes, such as sending notifications to vendors, suppliers or other trading partners. The 864 transaction was designed for one-time communications. The 864 EDI document is sent by any business needing to transmit a text message. Some businesses have adopted its use for regular, periodic communications of certain information for which no other specific transaction set exists, such as for providing updated store or distribution center location information. Information transmitted via the 864 may include simple messages, contracts, explanation. An 864 document includes:
  • Message date and time
  • Recipient identifying information (to ensure the message is delivered properly)
  • Free-form message text
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How do I send an EDI 864 transaction?

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