Loblaws Promo/Adonis/HEB/Giant Eagle/Costco/Walmart

Faxinating Solutions has won the 2017 Accolades Award in the B2B category!

New Partners – Giant Eagle, HEB, Adonis, Safeway US: If you sell to any of these companies, please contact us about our easy-to-use web portals. If would you would like to see a demo of the web portal, we would be happy to show you how they work!

Costco & Walmart: Whether you deliver to the stores or the warehouses, to Canada or to the USA, we can help facilitate your EDI transactions! With our software, you will receive your orders and can convert them directly into invoices.

Loblaws: Faxinating Solutions is inviting existing customers who use another EDI service provider for their Loblaws transactions to take advantage of a $500 credit.

We realize that many of our customers thought they had to use SPS Commerce, when in fact you do not. You can choose the EDI provider that best suits your needs.

SPS customers and any suppliers using another EDI provider will have to pay SPS a $500 fee for testing and switching so the $500 credit that we will give you will come in handy.

* The $500 is to be applied against transaction fees. It is only credited based on you actually using our services. The credit will be dispersed on your invoices until you reach the $500 limit.


Contact us! (514) 459-0211, ext. 236 or service@fsiedi.com

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