With the goal of being EDI compliant, businesses will have to acquire an EDI software. However, acquiring this kind of software can be a costly investment. Licenses, training, and maintenance can cost thousands of dollars.

Software & Plugins

Our exAct™ software comes with the option of integrating your current system, whether it's an ERP or accounting software, into exAct™.

Web-based EDI

A Web portal that can be accessed via a web browser is a low-cost solution that Faxinating Solutions provides.

EDI mapping software

EDI mapping software allows you to map EDI messages using data exported from your system in many popular formats such as XML and CSV.

Faxinating's Software-Free Solution

This solution allows you to send us any physical or digital form or file and we will send the transaction for you in an EDI format.

Faxinating Solutions can provide you with a quick, low-cost EDI solution to exchange all kinds of documents and files with your partners and integrating these documents directly into your backend.

Save time and money…