Stop manually entering your data into your ERP system

Manual processing of your data in your sytems or ERP can result in several problems. The risk of human error is high. Faxinating Solutions Inc. has a solution to automate these processes. Our easy-to-implement solutions enable you to automate the delivery, processing and integration of data received from your business partners.

The quest for compliance

The increase in the number of accounting or management software makes it challenging for companies to be compatible with all of their trading partners. You or your business partners may require the use of EDI, XML, TXT, or other files formas for the purpose of information exchange. Just think of the invoices and purchase orders received by fax, email or mail which currently have to be integrated manually in your management software or accounting software. For any situation, FSI has a solution.

Faxinating Solutions can provide you with a simple, low-cost, customized integration that works with most popular accounting and ERP systems on the market today, permitting the automatic exchange of documents without re-keying data.

Save time and money…