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What is Faxinating Solutions?

Faxinating Solutions Inc. is a provider of solutions for commercial transactions. We provide data integration, translation and conversion for all types of companies, whether small or large. A faxinating solution is a set of tools that allow a company to communicate effectively with its trading partners. These solutions can incorporate EDI, AS2, XML, Fax, Text, XSL, CSV, PDF and proprietary formats such as SAP® IDocs or any other format. We are experts in this field.

What kind of companies use your services?

At FSI, we service companies and industries of all sizes. Companies that have many business partners can find it difficult to standardize the reception and transmission of their electronic data. We can help you establish the link between your partners and their suppliers/ customers.

What are the prices for your services?

We believe that you should only pay for the services that you use. This is why FSI does not charge a minimum monthly fee. We only charge for the transactions that you send and receive.

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Which retailers do you support?

FSI supports a plethora of retailers and companies across Canada, the United States and overseas. See our list of Trading Partners for more information.

What are the minimum technical requirements needed to comply with EDI?

To implement EDI can be quite costly for a business. There are hardware and software investments, VAN and consultant fees, and the added cost of designating someone to act as administrator of the EDI system. Why not save money and outsource your EDI needs to Faxinating Solutions? By using our services, you will not have to invest in any costly hardware or software. As long as you have a Windows-based computer (our software does not support MAC), an internet connection, and a minimum of 32MB of RAM, you’re all set to go!

We offer services to all types of businesses.