EDI 990 – Response to a Load Tender

This EDI transaction is used by carriers to indicate whether it will pick up the items as requested by the shipper. It may also be used to accept or reject a spot bid request from a shipper.

The EDI 990 is used to respond to an offer (EDI 204). It may also contain the status of the shipment, whether accepted or rejected. There are five responses that may be sent with the 990:
  • Tender accepted;
  • Tender declined;
  • Tender accepted with conditions;
  • Spot bid request accepted (with freight quote bid amount);
  • Spot bid request declined.
The document includes the carrier’s response along with information that relates to the shipment. If the shipment is accepted with conditions or declined, the document may also include information that relates to those conditions and/or the reasons for declining the shipment.
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How do I send an EDI 990 transaction?

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