EDI 997 – Functional Acknowledgment

This EDI transaction is known as a functional acknowledgment or an FA, and is sent as a response to EDI transactions that have been received by your partner. It provides proof of reception, however it does not provide a guarantee that the transaction has met all of your partner's business requirements.

For example, a 997 sent in response to an EDI 810 (Invoice) can be followed by a rejected 997 if the invoice contained data that did not meet your partner's business requirements. It can also be followed by an 864 (Administrative Report) or an 824 (Advice Report) for the same reasons.
We have the tools that you need to process the EDI 997 transaction and make your company EDI compliant, regardless of your data source.

How do I send an EDI 997 transaction?

Faxinating Solutions can help you quickly integrate a low cost solution to process EDI 997 transactions.

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