To become EDI compliant, businesses will have to invest in costly EDI software and EDI system management. Outsourcing your EDI to Faxinating Solutions as your third party EDI provider will save you time and money.


Software & Plugins

​Our user-friendly exAct® software, at the low purchase price of $15,  comes with the option of seamlessly integrating your current system into our software, regardless if it’s an ERP or accounting software.

Web-based EDI

A web portal that can be accessed via a web browser is a low-cost solution that FSI provides. Our web-portal services are continually expanding to include new exchanges and conversion from our legacy software solutions.

EDI mapping software

FSI’s EDI mapping software translates EDI data to formats used in your business environment. Data can be exported from your system into many popular formats such as XML, CSV, and flat-file.

Software-Free Solution

Send us data in any form, whether they are paper documents or digital files, and we will translate them into an EDI format.


For 30 years, Faxinating Solutions has been providing businesses with effective, low-cost EDI solutions.  We help businesses exchange documents and files with their partners. We custom integrate documents directly into their back ends. We can do the same for your business!

Save time and money…