Loblaws $500 Promo / Dollarama / Shaws / BMR / BJs / Walmart

Originally posted September 2, 2016

We are inviting our existing customers who use another EDI intermediary for their Loblaws transactions to take advantage of a $ 500 credit. 

We are aware that many of our customers thought they had to use SPS Commerce but you can use the intermediary of your choice. 

Suppliers that use SPS or other EDI vendors will have to pay a $ 500 fee to SPS for the change and the trial period, therefore the $ 500 credit will help you a lot.

 * The $ 500 must be applied against your transaction costs. It is only credited based on your use of our services.The credit will be allocated on your bills until you reach the limit of $ 500.

Dollarama : We recently became partners with Dollarama.  We will offer EDI service for purchase orders and invoices with three options: software, web portal and PDF To EDI (by fax or e-mail).  Contact us if you sell to Dollarama and want more information.

Shaws / BMR / BJ’s : We have created web portals for these providers.  Portals support 850 (order form) and 810 (detailed billing) transactions, but other transactions can be added at the request of the supplier.  With these portals, you will receive your orders and convert them directly into invoices. You will also have access to the complete audit protocol (incoming and outgoing).

Wal-mart :   If you deliver to stores or warehouses, in Canada or the US, we can help you with your EDI transactions.

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