We’ve been partners with Metro, Sobeys, and Loblaws for over 15 years. We do DSD and DC for all regions across Canada. We have desktop software modules that work with all of their EDI requirements such as 810 (Detailed Invoice), 812 (Detailed Credit Note), 850 (PO), 855 (PO Confirmation), 856 (ASN), 882 (Summary Invoicing), as well we translate any incoming reports including the 812 (Debit/Credit Adjustment), 820 (Payment Remittance) and 830 (Forecast Report) into an easy-to-read format and email it to you.

We are currently working on a Web portal for Metro 810.
We also so EDI for Metro’s acquisition, Adonis. We have an easy-to-use Web portal where you can enter and/or import your Adonis invoices.

Custom Integration: Are you tired of manually keying your invoices or having to key them in twice – once in your accounting software and then in our software/portal? We do integration for users of Avantage, Accomba, MS-Dynamics, MS-Dynamics 265, Sage, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting and most ERP and accounting packages on the market. There is a one-time fee associated with custom packages. Contact us for a quote.

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