Created in 1980 to get better prices from manufacturers, BPG is a network of golf shop professionals. By grouping the purchases of its 125 members across eastern Canada, BPG offers good value on its products to all golfers.

BPG buys from golf equipment and clothing manufacturers and sells to pro shops at golf courses. According to Martin Boucher of BPG, “We could not expand across the country and expect to triple our sales volume without the help of FSI.”

What was their challenge?

Before they came to FSI, BPG had several people handling their accounts payable between March and September. Finding staff that can work full time for only four (stressful) months is not easy.

The owners of Boutiques ProGolf turned to FSI for help. FSI’s solution helped BPG reduce their Accounts Payable department to one person.

What was the solution?

EDI suppliers

FSI established the 810 transaction (detailed invoice) for all EDI suppliers. FSI tested each EDI supplier and billed BPG $25 each.

EDI tests beyond the first two are $10 each. Emails regarding failed EDI transactions are $5 each and are billed directly to the EDI supplier.  FSI charges BPG for each EDI transaction and network usage at preferred rates.

Non-EDI Suppliers

For suppliers that are not EDI compatible, FSI provides the exAct® software at the purchase price of $15. The supplier can either manually enter their invoices, integrate exAct® into their Accounting software or ERP or FSI can do it for them. The software module sends the invoice data to FSI where it is converted into the format that BPG requires. Files are then transmitted directly to BPG where they are imported into their accounts payable system. FSI bills each supplier for each invoice at no additional costs to BPG.

Faxed and emailed invoices

For suppliers who cannot use the software (no Windows-based PC, no Internet access, etc…) they can fax or email their invoices to FSI. Using optical character recognition technology (OCR), FSI captures the data and delivers it to BPG in the format that they require. FSI bills each supplier for every invoice that they receive by fax or email.

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