Loblaws is one of Canada’s largest retail grocery chains. For over ten years, Faxinating Solutions has been providing Loblaws with a number of data integration and translation services. These services enable Loblaws to maintain 100% EDI-compliancy with their suppliers.

EDI purchase orders and other outbound transactions such as payment reports, error reports, forecast reports, and other EDI documents are sent by Loblaws to Faxinating Solutions via EDI.  Once Faxinating receives these documents, the automated workflow determines each document’s recipient (the supplier) and their preferred method of communication (email, fax or the exAct® software).

For suppliers who choose to receive their purchase orders by software, FSI sends a notification email to the suppliers as soon as they receive the order. The supplier simply has to click on “Update” and the orders will appear in the main transaction list. From there they can view the orders and also print them if need be.

Loblaws requires invoices be sent via EDI. This can pose a problem for non-EDI suppliers who lack the technology. Fortunately FSI has a number of options to help suppliers create EDI invoices.

Suppliers who receive POs can easily create an invoice by directly converting the PO into an invoice. This direct conversion method transfers all the data from the PO onto the invoice. Once the invoice has been created, the supplier only has a few pieces of data that they have to enter, such as the invoice number and invoice date.

For suppliers who do not receive POs, the software offers a number of time saving options to help them create invoices manually, such as creating a product catalogue, an address book, and templates.

Suppliers can also import their invoices directly from their accounting software or ERP package into the exAct® software thus eliminating the need to rekey data. FSI also offers the custom integration service for suppliers who are unable to import and do not want to convert and/or manually create invoices

Benefits & Conclusion

Using Faxinating, Loblaws suppliers are able to be 100% EDI-compliant without having to invest money, time and resources in expensive EDI solutions.

The exAct® software is a cost-effective way to ensure EDI compliancy among your trading partners. It can improve turnaround time, reduce the amount of data-entry errors, and be of value to your business.

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