Home Hardware: We are working with Home Hardware and are in the process of creating a Web Portal for the following transactions: Purchase Order (EDI 850), PO Confirmation (EDI 855), Advance Ship Notice (EDI 856), and Invoice (EDI 810). If you are doing business with them and need to receive/send these transactions via EDI, contact us.

Adonis: Adonis requires the invoice (EDI 810) from its suppliers. We have an easy-to-use Web portal and offer three options. 1. For suppliers who wish to enter their invoices manually, we offer the creation of templates and a product catalogue which greatly reduces the amount of time spent on data entry. 2. For suppliers whose accounting program can export a file to CSV format (comma separated variables), you can import your invoices directly from your backend. We provide the import format required. 3. We can customize a solution to suit your needs.

Direct Deposit: If you would like to pay us by direct deposit, contact us and we will send you our banking information.

Personal Intergration: Sage / Avantage / Accomba / MS-Dynamics / Xero / Quickbooks: These are just some of the accounting packages that we can customize for you so that you do not have to invoice twice – once into your accounting software and once into our software/Web portal. There is a one-time fee associated with custom packages. Contact us for a quote.


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