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We’ve created a Web Portal for DC & DSD suppliers with the following transactions: Detailed Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement, and Advance Ship Notice. More transactions can be added upon request. Please contact us for details.


Whether you ship to Canada or the US, we offer a software solution for your POs and invoices. With our module, you can convert the POs directly into invoices.  You can also receive detailed payment notices, debit/credit adjustments and administrative reports (errors from Walmart).


We work with both the Canada and US divisions. We offer a software solution for your PO and invoicing needs! With our software, you can convert your POs directly into invoices. You can also import your invoices.  We work with the 850 (PO), 810 (Invoice), 860 (PO Change/Cancelation), 820 (Payment Remittance), and 824 (Application Advice Report). More transactions can be added upon request.


Did you know that all our software modules and portals come with an import option? If your accounting program can save and/or export to CSV format (Comma Separated Variables), you can import that file into our software and portals. Importing will save you valuable time. If your accounting or ERP software have this option, but don’t know how to use it and you don’t have a department to help you, we can provide assistance. If you require technical help, we can get one of our resources to work with you.  To view the format that we require in order for your import to work, click on the “Help” link that comes with your software/portal, then click on “Import File Format.”

Custom Integration

We do integration for users of MS-Dynamics, MS-Dynamics 265, Sage, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, and most ERP and accounting packages on the market.  There is a one-time fee associated with custom packages. Contact us for a quote.





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