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Loblaws DSD 856 – Advanced Ship Notices (ASN): Loblaws is asking many of their suppliers to send ASNs for their DSD orders. When done manually, it is a time-consuming procedure therefore we have updated our Loblaws DSD ASN module to help you out!

The ASN module now includes direct conversion of the PO into the ASN (called “Add from PO”). It works similar to the “convert a PO into invoice” option that is currently in place in the invoice module.

When you click the “Add from PO” button, all the data on the PO is transferred to the ASN. The supplier will only have to enter the data that cannot be on the PO (such as the bill of lading number, quantity shipped…). To save more time, we strongly suggest that our suppliers create a template with the data that is not on POs, but never changes between ASNs.

If this still seems too time-consuming, we have an import feature where you can import a CSV file directly from your accounting software into. Or we can create a plugin for you and integrate the module with your accounting or ERP system.

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