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We know that some of our customers use other EDI providers besides us. If you are using another EDI provider, please call us and will make you a deal! If you are using Quickbooks, Sage50, Acomba and Dynamics, contact us for a quote!

Loblaws: Perhaps you were told that you had to use SPS Commerce for Loblaws, but you do not. You can use the 3rd party EDI provider of your choosing. We are inviting existing customers who use another EDI service provider for their Loblaws transactions to take advantage of a $500 credit.  SPS customers and any suppliers using another EDI provider will have to pay SPS a $500 fee for testing and switching so the $500 credit that we will give you will come in handy.  Note:  The $500 is to be applied against transaction fees. It is only credited based on you actually using our services. The credit will be dispersed on your invoices until you reach the $500 limit.

Compass Canada: We have a Web portal where suppliers can enter their invoices. The portal comes with an import format so that you do not have to rekey your data. We can also integrate your data from your backend for a low one-time fee.

MSSS: (Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux). This is our latest project. We are creating a Web Portal for their suppliers for purchase orders, invoices, and advanced ship notices. Please contact us if you are an MSSS supplier and would like more information about this project.


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