Why hire an outside consultant to integrate your accounting/ERP system? We can do it for you for a lot less!

Top reasons why you should hire FSI to do the integration for you:

Knowledge & Expertise: Since the integration is being done into our systems, we have all the available tools at our disposal. An outside consultant doesn’t know our software, Web portals or how we operate. This will make the process more time-consuming and more costly for you.

Experience: We have been doing customized integration for several years, for many clients who use different types of accounting software and ERP systems such as MS-Dynamics, MS-Dynamics 265, Sage, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, and most ERP and accounting packages on the market. We know what works and how it will benefit your company.

Faster Deployment: Knowledge, expertise, and experience allows for faster, more efficient deployment.

Economical: Outside consultants tend to charge thousands of dollars. Our customer integration packages start as low as $250 for one plugin.

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