Case studies

Created in 1980 to get better prices from manufacturers, BPG is a network of golf shop professionals. By grouping the purchases of its 125 members across eastern Canada, BPG offers good value on its products to all golfers.

BPG buys from golf equipment and clothing manufacturers and sells to pro shops at golf courses. According to Martin Boucher of BPG, “We could not expand across the country and expect to triple our sales volume without the help of FSI.”

What was their challenge?

Before they came to FSI, BPG had several people handling their accounts payable between March and September. Finding staff that can work full time for only four (stressful) months is not easy.

The owners of Boutiques ProGolf turned to FSI for help. FSI’s solution helped BPG reduce their Accounts Payable department to one person.

What was the solution?

EDI suppliers

FSI established the 810 transaction (detailed invoice) for all EDI suppliers. FSI tested each EDI supplier and billed BPG $25 each.

EDI tests beyond the first two are $10 each. Emails regarding failed EDI transactions are $5 each and are billed directly to the EDI supplier.  FSI charges BPG for each EDI transaction and network usage at preferred rates.

Non-EDI Suppliers

For suppliers that are not EDI compatible, FSI provides the exAct® software at the purchase price of $15. The supplier can either manually enter their invoices, integrate exAct® into their Accounting software or ERP or FSI can do it for them. The software module sends the invoice data to FSI where it is converted into the format that BPG requires. Files are then transmitted directly to BPG where they are imported into their accounts payable system. FSI bills each supplier for each invoice at no additional costs to BPG.

Faxed and emailed invoices

For suppliers who cannot use the software (no Windows-based PC, no Internet access, etc…) they can fax or email their invoices to FSI. Using optical character recognition technology (OCR), FSI captures the data and delivers it to BPG in the format that they require. FSI bills each supplier for every invoice that they receive by fax or email.

CDMV is a Quebec-based distributor of veterinary products. They order products from a number of pharmaceutical/healthcare manufacturers. Most of their suppliers are EDI-compliant, therefore they require that their customers use EDI to order products. CDMV did not have an EDI system so they turned to Faxinating.

CDMV could only supply Faxinating with a printed purchase order directly from their accounting system, however, this setup was sufficient for the FS Printegrator service.

FS Printegrator

Instead of printing the Purchase Order, CDMV used the FS Printegrator print option, which shows up in their list of installed printers in their accounting system. The user is able to transfer the file directly to Faxinating.

Once Faxinating receives the file, the data is extracted, logged, verified and sent to the supplier as an EDI purchase order.

The beauty about this form of EDI outsourcing is that Faxinating handles all aspects of the EDI relationship – from new setups, to standards changes, to VAN migrations. CDMV is not impacted in any way by the typical aspects of EDI relationship management.

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CDMV is able to send their orders without having to implement or manage EDI. Their trading process is efficient, timely and very cost-effective.

Allflex reached out to Faxinating Solutions because they had a lack of integration between their GP ERP accounting package and their EDI-compliant trading partners.

Since most of Allflex’s buyers are EDI-compliant, they need to support the reception of EDI Purchase Orders within their system. However, they weren’t sure if they wanted to host their own EDI system in-house. They knew that supporting EDI was problematic (standards constantly changing, the hardware and software requirements, software bugs, VAN costs) so they decided to outsource to a third-party.

EDI Outsource Service

Allflex’s main requirement was to receive the EDI orders within their Peachtree system, without having to make any investments in EDI. Faxinating’s EDI Outsource service does just that.

EDI compliant buyers produce Purchase Orders and send them to Faxinating via EDI. Once received, Faxinating logs the data and converts the information to a Peachtree import file, which is then sent to Allflex. Allflex is now able to import the Purchase Order data into their accounting package with a click of the mouse.

Furthermore, each buyer is able to implement their own version of the EDI standard, whether it’s 3040, 4010 or 4030. Flexibility is the key to this service.

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AllFlex has an EDI-compliant interface that ties into their back-end, without having to invest in EDI. If standards change, they needn’t worry. They will continue to receive their import files in the same format. Their data is synchronized, correct and complete, all for a very low price.

Metro requires all of their suppliers to be EDI-compliant. However, forcing suppliers to implement EDI standards proved impossible. Many of the smaller suppliers were unable or unwilling to make the required investment that running an EDI-based operation requires. Many of the smaller suppliers still operate their business in the old fashioned, paper-based way.

Metro receives thousands of invoices weekly from their suppliers. Previously the processing of these invoices was done by hand – suppliers would mail in their invoices and they would keyed into the accounting system by Metro’s data-entry personnel.

In the quest for automation, Metro determined that the best solution would be to migrate to EDI. Instead of mailing a paper invoice, the supplier would send the invoice as an EDI document. EDI automation reduces costs and errors that are associated with the manual processing of invoices.

However, Metro realized that getting all of their suppliers to migrate over to EDI was not realistic, primarily because most of these companies didn’t have the technology or expertise required to run an EDI-based operation. To bridge the technology gap, they contacted Faxinating Solutions, who offered two solutions: The exAct® software and the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service.

With Faxinating’s exAct® software, suppliers who have a Windows-based PC could manually enter or import their invoices into an easy-to-use module and send them via a secure Internet connection.

Suppliers who did not own a PC were offered the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service. They could fax their invoices into Faxinating’s system, where they would be read by OCR software, converted into an EDI format and sent to Metro.

Metro’s suppliers were able to be 100% EDI compliant without having to invest in EDI. They are paid faster because their invoices are processed quickly and efficiently.  A win for everyone.

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Our solutions

exAct™ Software

For companies that are computer-literate and have access to a Windows-based PC, Faxinating offers the exAct® software solution. This service allows companies to manually create or import their invoice data and send it to Faxinating Solutions though a secure Internet connection. Once received, the data is verified, logged, converted to EDI and sent to the trading partner. The exAct software is user-friendly, but technical support is just a phone call away.


For companies who are unwilling or unable to use a computerized system, Faxinating offers the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service. Suppliers using this service can fax or email their forms to Faxinating Solutions. Once received, the data on the form is extracted using OCR/ICR technology and a data operator manually verifies the data. Once the data is captured, it is logged, converted to EDI and sent to the trading partner.


Error reports, statuses pertaining to invoice transactions, as well as purchase orders are sent from the trading partner via EDI. Once Faxinating receives the documents, they are converted into readable formats (CSV, XML, TIF, etc…) and faxed or emailed to their intended recipients.

Loblaws is one of Canada’s largest retail grocery chains. For over ten years, Faxinating Solutions has been providing Loblaws with a number of data integration and translation services. These services enable Loblaws to maintain 100% EDI-compliancy with their suppliers.

EDI purchase orders and other outbound transactions such as payment reports, error reports, forecast reports, and other EDI documents are sent by Loblaws to Faxinating Solutions via EDI.  Once Faxinating receives these documents, the automated workflow determines each document’s recipient (the supplier) and their preferred method of communication (email, fax or the exAct® software).

For suppliers who choose to receive their purchase orders by software, FSI sends a notification email to the suppliers as soon as they receive the order. The supplier simply has to click on “Update” and the orders will appear in the main transaction list. From there they can view the orders and also print them if need be.

Loblaws requires invoices be sent via EDI. This can pose a problem for non-EDI suppliers who lack the technology. Fortunately FSI has a number of options to help suppliers create EDI invoices.

Suppliers who receive POs can easily create an invoice by directly converting the PO into an invoice. This direct conversion method transfers all the data from the PO onto the invoice. Once the invoice has been created, the supplier only has a few pieces of data that they have to enter, such as the invoice number and invoice date.

For suppliers who do not receive POs, the software offers a number of time saving options to help them create invoices manually, such as creating a product catalogue, an address book, and templates.

Suppliers can also import their invoices directly from their accounting software or ERP package into the exAct® software thus eliminating the need to rekey data. FSI also offers the custom integration service for suppliers who are unable to import and do not want to convert and/or manually create invoices

Benefits & Conclusion

Using Faxinating, Loblaws suppliers are able to be 100% EDI-compliant without having to invest money, time and resources in expensive EDI solutions.

The exAct® software is a cost-effective way to ensure EDI compliancy among your trading partners. It can improve turnaround time, reduce the amount of data-entry errors, and be of value to your business.

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