Metro 810 & 882 and Sobeys QC 810 & ON 810 Web portals now available at no extra cost to our current customers!

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Metro 810 & 882 and Sobeys QC 810 & ON 810

The Web portals are ready! Benefits of the Web portal: Accessible from any browser, full audit trail, access to the original EDI files, and proof of reception.

There is no extra cost to switch from the software to the portal. You won’t be charged the $75 that new clients are charged. If you’ve already paid your $50 registration fee, you won’t be charged again until your year is up.

If you are currently paying for confirmations, you can save money. With the portal, you don’t need to receive email confirmations. You can see all the information in the portal, including when we received your invoices, and when we received confirmation from your client, including the EDI confirmation file (EDI 997).

To switch from the software to the portal, contact us at


Whether you ship to Canada or the US, we offer a software solution for your POs and invoices. With our module, you can convert the POs directly into invoices. You can also receive detailed payment notices, debit/credit adjustments and administrative reports (errors from Walmart).


We work with both the Canada and US divisions. We offer a software solution for your PO and invoicing needs! With our software, you can convert your POs directly into invoices thus eliminating time you would spend on data entry.

Custom Integration

We do integration for users of MS-Dynamics, MS-Dynamics 365, Sage, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, and most ERP and accounting packages on the market. There is a one-time fee associated with custom packages. Contact us for a quote.

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