Over 25 years of experience

Over the last 25 years, FSI has become a key player in the EDI industry and as a result, has delivered hundreds of simple workflow solutions connecting thousands of partners.

As a member of GS1 Canada, FSI is involved in key initiatives like data-loading, pricing, and Can-Trace. The team also participates in trade shows and seminars across North America.

FSI is a 3rd party EDI provider. Our custom made applications fill the void that exists between the different technologies and standards applied by businesses worldwide. With FSI, you can become EDI compliant without having to change your technology or make costly investments.

FSI offers many benefits to their clients:


  • Innovative user-friendly tools
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Automation made simple


  • Thousands of EDI transactions per day
  • Fast turnaround
  • Audit trail and transaction tracking


  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Strategic partnerships with competitive services and major Value Added Network providers
  • Hundreds of excellent reference accounts
  • Built-in error checking and validation of business rules
  • Guaranteed successful transactions 24/7


  • Over 75 EDI transaction sets
  • Delivered via VAN, secure FTP and AS2 protocols
  • Customized and integrated import/export routines for most widely available accounting, CRM and ERP solutions on the market


  • Latest security protocols and encryption techniques
  • Fully automated computer processing systems
  • Backups


  • Low start-up costs
  • Minimum investment needed
  • Volume discounts
  • Pay-per-use
  • Competitive prices


  • No continuous investments in EDI systems or personnel
  • Fast turnaround time improves profit margins
  • Focus on your core business and trust FSI to handle the technical details

No need to commit valuable time and resources to in-house EDI. Instead, Consider FSI as your go-to 3rd party EDI provider. We’re here for all your EDI outsourcing needs.

Before you commit time and resources to in-house EDI, contact us. 1-800-282-6283

Innovative EDI solutions for all your business needs!