Case studies

Created in 1980 to get better prices from manufacturers, BPG is a network of golf shop professionals. By grouping the purchases of its 125 members across eastern Canada, BPG offers good value on its products to all golfers.

BPG buys from golf equipment and clothing manufacturers and sells to pro shops at golf courses. According to Martin Boucher of BPG, “We could not expand across the country and expect to triple our sales volume without the help of FSI.”

What was their challenge?

BPG used to have several employees handling their accounts payable between March and September. It was not easy trying to find personnel who could work full-time for only four stressful months a year.

The owner contacted FSI for help. Our EDI solutions helped BPG reduce their Accounts Payable department to one person.

What was the solution?

EDI Compliant Suppliers

They send FSI their invoices via a VAN (Value Added Network) or an AS2 connection at no cost to them. We verify, log, and transmit the data to BPG in their preferred format. Any errors transmitted by the supplier are sent and charged to the supplier.

Non-EDI Compliant Suppliers

They have the option of purchasing our exAct® software at the low purchase price of $15. The supplier has the option of manually entering their invoices, importing them from their back-end or we can customize an integration from their ERP or accounting software. No matter the option you choose, all data received by FSI is verified, logged, and transmitted to BPG in a quick and efficient manner.

Suppliers who don’t have a Windows-based PC have the option of sending their invoices by email or fax. FSI uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to capture the data and deliver it to BPG.
FSI translates each faxed or emailed document and charges a reasonable translation fee with no monthly minimum required.

CDMV is a Quebec-based distributor of veterinary products. They order products from a number of pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers. Most of their suppliers are EDI-compliant, therefore they require that their customers use EDI to order products. CDMV did not have an EDI system so they turned to Faxinating.

CDMV could only supply Faxinating with printed purchase orders directly from their accounting system, however, this setup was sufficient for the FS Printegrator service.

FS Printegrator

For their EDI outsourcing needs, CDMV uses a print option called FS Printegrator, which is installed in the list of printers in their accounting system. With this print option, the user is able to transfer files directly to FSI. We extract, verify, log, and deliver the data to the supplier as an EDI purchase order.

For more information or to schedule a free demonstration, contact our sales team at 1-800-282-6283 Ext. 232.

Benefits of EDI Outsourcing

FSI handles all aspects of the EDI relationship: new setups, standards changes, VAN migrations. CDMV is not impacted by the aspects of EDI implementation or management which makes their process efficient and cost-effective.

Metro requires all of their suppliers to be EDI-compliant. However, forcing suppliers to implement EDI standards proved impossible. Many of the smaller suppliers were unable or unwilling to make the required investment that running an EDI-based operation requires. Many of the these suppliers still operate their business in the old fashioned, paper-based way.

Metro receives thousands of invoices weekly from their suppliers. Previously the processing of these invoices was done by hand – suppliers would mail in their invoices and Metro’s accounting personnel would manually process them.

In the quest for automation, Metro determined that the best solution would be to migrate to EDI. Instead of mailing a paper invoice, the supplier would send the invoice as an EDI document. EDI automation reduces costs and errors that are associated with the manual processing of invoices.

However, Metro realized that getting all of their suppliers to migrate over to EDI was not realistic, primarily because most of these companies did not have the technology or expertise required to run an EDI-based operation. To bridge the technology gap, they contacted Faxinating Solutions, who offered two solutions: The exAct™ software and the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service.

With Faxinating’s exAct™ software, suppliers who have a Windows-based PC could manually enter or import their invoices into an easy-to-use module and send them via a secure Internet connection.

Suppliers who did not own a PC were offered the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service. They could fax their invoices into Faxinating’s system, where they would be read by OCR software, converted into an EDI format and sent to Metro.

Metro’s suppliers were able to be 100% EDI compliant without having to invest in EDI. They are paid faster because their invoices are processed quickly and efficiently.

For more information or to schedule a free demonstration, contact our sales team at 1-800-282-6283, ext. 231.

Our solutions

exAct™ Software

For companies that are computer-literate and have access to a Windows-based PC, Faxinating offers the exAct™ software solution. This service allows companies to manually create or import their invoices and send them to Faxinating Solutions via a secure Internet connection. Once received, the data is verified, logged, converted to EDI, and sent to the trading partner.  All via an automated process. The exAct™ software is user-friendly, but technical support is just a phone call away.


For companies who are unwilling or unable to use a computerized system, Faxinating offers the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service. Suppliers using this service can fax their forms to Faxinating Solutions. Once received, the data on the form is extracted using OCR/ICR technology. After the data is captured, it is verified, converted to EDI, and sent to the trading partner.


Error reports, statuses pertaining to invoice transactions, as well as purchase orders are sent from the trading partner via EDI. Once Faxinating receives the documents, they are converted into readable formats (CSV, XML, TIF, etc…) and faxed or emailed to their intended recipients.

Loblaws is one of Canada’s biggest retail grocery chains. For over 15 years, Faxinating Solutions has been providing Loblaws with a number of data integration and translation services. These services enable Loblaws to maintain 100% EDI-compliancy with their suppliers.

Loblaws is one of FSI’s biggest trading partners. Purchase orders, invoices, payment notices, forecast reports, vendor managed inventory, and transportation documents are just some of the many EDI transactions that Loblaws works with. Transactions are sent and received via EDI to ensure compliancy and efficiency.

The exAct® software

Our software is a cost-effective way to ensure EDI compliance with Loblaws. It will improve turnaround time and reduce the amount of data-entry errors. Purchase orders can be received in the software and converted directly into invoices and advance ship notices with just a few clicks of the mouse. The supplier has only a few pieces of data to enter before sending the invoices to us for processing and transmission to Loblaws. The software also allows you to import from your back-end. FSI offers customized integration from your accounting or ERP system into exAct®. Just ask us and we’ll find an easy solution for your EDI needs!

Web Portal

For Loblaws’ transportation division, FSI built a user-friendly Web portal. With the portal, shippers, commercial truckers, and other freight carriers instantly become EDI compliant! They receive their load tenders in the portal and can quickly and easily convert them into carrier shipment status messages and freight invoices. The data is transmitted securely to FSI, where it is verified, logged, and sent to Loblaws. Users have access to the complete audit trail of every EDI document which provides them with the date and time of the transaction, copies of 997s (EDI acknowledgments from Loblaws), and copies of the EDI documents that were transmitted to Loblaws. To simplify your business even more, FSI offers customized integration.

For more information or to schedule a free demonstration, contact our sales team at 1-800-282-6283 Ext. 232.

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