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What is Faxinating Solutions?
We are a 3rd party EDI provider that delivers a way to effectively exchange business documents between partners without businesses having to invest in EDI hardware or personnel. We work with all types of documents, accounting packages, and ERP software. Our objective is to provide efficient, reliable, secure, and affordable EDI solutions that will allow businesses to streamline their work process, improve workflow, and ultimately lower their costs.
What kind of companies use your services?
We accommodate companies of all types and sizes. We can help you establish a link between partners, suppliers, and customers.
How much will it cost me?
At FSI you will find competitive prices, pay-as-you-go transactions with no monthly minimum, and low-cost software.
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Which retailers do you support?
FSI supports a multitude of companies worldwide.  View our list of Trading Partners.
What are the minimum technical requirements needed to comply with EDI?
You will need an internet connection, a Windows-based computer for some legacy solutions and a browser from any device for all our new Web-based solutions.

We offer services to all types of businesses.