CDMV is a Quebec-based distributor of veterinary products. They order products from a number of pharmaceutical/healthcare manufacturers. Most of their suppliers are EDI-compliant, therefore they require that their customers use EDI to order products. CDMV did not have an EDI system so they turned to Faxinating.

CDMV could only supply Faxinating with a printed purchase order directly from their accounting system, however, this setup was sufficient for the FS Printegrator service.

FS Printegrator

Instead of printing the Purchase Order, CDMV used the FS Printegrator print option, which shows up in their list of installed printers in their accounting system. The user is able to transfer the file directly to Faxinating.

Once Faxinating receives the file, the data is extracted, logged, verified and sent to the supplier as an EDI purchase order.

The beauty about this form of EDI outsourcing is that Faxinating handles all aspects of the EDI relationship – from new setups, to standards changes, to VAN migrations. CDMV is not impacted in any way by the typical aspects of EDI relationship management.

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CDMV is able to send their orders without having to implement or manage EDI. Their trading process is efficient, timely and very cost-effective.

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