Metro requires all of their suppliers to be EDI-compliant. However, forcing suppliers to implement EDI standards proved impossible. Many of the smaller suppliers were unable or unwilling to make the required investment that running an EDI-based operation requires. Many of the these suppliers still operate their business in the old fashioned, paper-based way.

Metro receives thousands of invoices weekly from their suppliers. Previously the processing of these invoices was done by hand – suppliers would mail in their invoices and Metro’s accounting personnel would manually process them.

In the quest for automation, Metro determined that the best solution would be to migrate to EDI. Instead of mailing a paper invoice, the supplier would send the invoice as an EDI document. EDI automation reduces costs and errors that are associated with the manual processing of invoices.

However, Metro realized that getting all of their suppliers to migrate over to EDI was not realistic, primarily because most of these companies did not have the technology or expertise required to run an EDI-based operation. To bridge the technology gap, they contacted Faxinating Solutions, who offered two solutions: The exAct™ software and the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service.

With Faxinating’s exAct™ software, suppliers who have a Windows-based PC could manually enter or import their invoices into an easy-to-use module and send them via a secure Internet connection.

Suppliers who did not own a PC were offered the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service. They could fax their invoices into Faxinating’s system, where they would be read by OCR software, converted into an EDI format and sent to Metro.

Metro’s suppliers were able to be 100% EDI compliant without having to invest in EDI. They are paid faster because their invoices are processed quickly and efficiently.

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Our solutions

exAct™ Software

For companies that are computer-literate and have access to a Windows-based PC, Faxinating offers the exAct™ software solution. This service allows companies to manually create or import their invoices and send them to Faxinating Solutions via a secure Internet connection. Once received, the data is verified, logged, converted to EDI, and sent to the trading partner.  All via an automated process. The exAct™ software is user-friendly, but technical support is just a phone call away.


For companies who are unwilling or unable to use a computerized system, Faxinating offers the FAX2EDI / EDI2FAX service. Suppliers using this service can fax their forms to Faxinating Solutions. Once received, the data on the form is extracted using OCR/ICR technology. After the data is captured, it is verified, converted to EDI, and sent to the trading partner.


Error reports, statuses pertaining to invoice transactions, as well as purchase orders are sent from the trading partner via EDI. Once Faxinating receives the documents, they are converted into readable formats (CSV, XML, TIF, etc…) and faxed or emailed to their intended recipients.

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